Telangana Teachers and Active Volunteers visit Sathya Sai Grama, 6th June 2024

6th June 2024 was a joyous day as a considerable number, of about 40 Telangana State Teachers and Annapoorna Trust’s Active Volunteers convened at Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli headquarters of Annapoorna Trust.


These Educators and Volunteers are a part of the Annapoorna Trust’s morning nutrition program where “SaiSure Ragi Multi Nutrient Health Mix” is served to children along with jaggery. The services rendered by them for the Annapoorna Trust go beyond mere obligation.


Annapoorna Morning Nutrition program in Telangana, which initially began in a school in Jagtial district in the year 2015, situated in the northern region of Telangana, has extended its reach in collaboration with the Telangana State Government to nearly 2.5 million government schoolchildren across the state in the year 2023. From serving SaiSure Fortified Malt, it has progressed to providing SaiSure Millet Ragi Health Mix, marking a significant improvement.


The day with the Educators and Volunteers commenced with a campus tour encompassing various facilities including the free Medical College, Hospital, Cricket stadium, Gurukulam, and SaiSure Nutraceutical facility – which supplies SaiSure health supplements to Annapoorna Trust.


Mr. Srikanth Vooturi – Regional Manager of South mentioned that, at the SaiSure Nutraceutical facility, the intricate process of preparing SaiSure was meticulously explained to all teachers and volunteers. And also, how the ingredients are selectively chosen for their nutritional value and health benefits, which form the foundation of SaiSure’s wholesome formula.


In the evening, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai, who spearheads the Sri Madhusudan Sai Global Humanitarian Mission (SMSGHM) of Nutrition, Education, and Healthcare graciously met everyone present. Each teacher and volunteer received a personal introduction to Sadguru. Additionally, two teachers provided an opportunity to speak to the august audience about their experience while serving morning nutrition to school children.

Later at Premamrutham, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai bestowed His Divine discourse upon the teachers and volunteers, emphasizing the profound role of educators in shaping the future. He mentioned that Acharya (Teacher) is equivalent to God. The parents who give birth give only the body. But it is the responsibility of the teachers to nurture young minds. Sadguru mentioned that teachers are one of the greatest boons and blessings.


In reference to the Annapoorna Service rendered by the Teachers and Volunteers, Sadguru mentioned that they have transcended the duty allotted by the government and they have assumed the responsibility for the sake of the children’s welfare which is the true essence of a Guru.


Sadguru expressed that the whole world is one family and all the children are our children. With such a compassionate mindset, we should not let any child go hungry.


Sadguru concluded the session on a note that, the Annapoorna Morning Nutrition initiative is more than just a program; it relies solely on the collective efforts of the people to reach the children. While government support may offer some assistance, true success can only be achieved when we unite to make it happen.


Sadguru lovingly said that if any of them desired to initiate the seva in their District or Taluk through the Annapoorna Trust, He would personally attend and inaugurate the program.


After the wonderful session, everyone partook in dinner and departed back to Hyderabad, carrying with them Sadguru’s immense blessings and happiness. Overall, it was quite a memorable day.


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