Let no child go to school hungry ever!

Free daily morning nutrition programme
 for 90 lakh school children

8 Years in operation

150+ Supporting partners and 650+ volunteers


25 States and
4 union territories

Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust has been running one of India’s leading morning nutrition programme for rural school children working at the grass roots level in the area of child nutrition security and “hidden hunger” management. The morning nutrition is served in the form of either the “SaiSure” nutrition health mix presented with milk, or Ragi Wholesome Cereal Drink, or cooked breakfast or any other available food items. This is prepared freshly at the school in the morning, and served to children at the school premises before commencing studies.

The ripple effect caused by feeding hungry school children is simply breath-taking. It alleviates hunger & wasting among children, improves academic performance and motivates teachers to put in their best. It increases enrolments and attendance.

₹ 100

Morning Nutrition for 20 students for a day

₹ 250

Morning Nutrition for 50 students for a day

₹ 500

Morning Nutrition for 100 students for a day

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Morning Nutrition to more students!