The Government of India, along with the State Governments, has planned and propagated various initiatives (called the Poshan Abhiyaan program) to address the malnutrition gap, which is a major concern in the country. Seeing the impact that the Annapoorna Trust’s program has had on school-going children, many state Governments have joined hands with Annapoorna Morning Nutrition platform & be a key partner in their journey to address malnutrition.


There are Government schools existing in every village, and they are equipped with a kitchen and staff for providing midday meals. Annapoorna Trust collaborates and partners with these state Government bodies to leverage this existing infrastructure so that the required morning nutrition can be delivered and served in the school itself.


Annapoorna Trust’s 3S principle advocates the role of Sarkāra (Government), Samsthā (Good Institutions), and Samāja (Society and individuals at large) in tackling malnutrition. Support from over 150+ corporates & institutions, partnerships with many state governments, school teachers and staff, and volunteers, has made this programme very impactful.


Setting a child on a holistic path with good daily nutrition, and the ability to attend and succeed in school is a collective social responsibility, and one, which will go a long way in nation building. It is the dream of Annapoorna Breakfast Programme to build a nation, where no child goes to school hungry, EVER!

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