Water and Sanitation

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The importance of clean water and good sanitation cannot be overstated. While serving healthy breakfast helped improve the nutrition intake of the children, lack of access to clean and safe drinking water made them fall sick often.
To address this, we began executing drinking water projects to meet the water needs of villages. Simple and cost-effective RO water plants, bio-sand filters and other such solutions were developed on a need-basis in the villages.
Till date, we have executed 25 drinking water projects, which benefit more than 5,00,000 villagers.
From concept to completion, the entire project is executed in a seamless and scientific manner. Each family is given a smart card to help them access drinking water from the plant and are also taught the importance of water conservation.
In line with the Indian Government’s initiative of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, we construct toilets in schools. We also organise cleanliness drives and ensure provision of dust bins in schools and centres, and a safe waste disposal thereafter. Doing this has helped us instil in the children and villagers the importance of personal health and hygiene.
A smart card is issued to each family that enables them to receive 20 litres of potable water everyday.

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