Sopra Steria Collaboration

Sopra Steria has joined hands with Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust from Aug 2022 in providing SaiSure Multi Nutrient health mix at St. Theresa Higher Primary School in Bangalore.

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Persistent Collaboration

Persistent Foundation has been associated with Annapoorna Trust since 2021. In 2022-23, 990 SAM and MAM children, and in 2023-24, 2475 government school children received Morning Nutrition in the form of SaiSure Malt Multi Nutrient Health Mix.

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Oracle Collaboration

In collaboration with Annapoorna Trust, Immunity Boosting kits for 1175 children with malnutrition (MAM children) were provided in Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka, in the wake of COVID pandemic, in 2022. In the year 2022-23, Oracle provided SaiSure to 10390 children in 245 schools in Karnataka.

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Lions Collaboration

Lions Club are supporting SaiSure Multinutrient Health Mix distribution in 26 schools for 2477 children in Doddaballapur (2022-23). They also collaborated with Annapoorna Trust in providing dry ration kits to 1,200 plus families in Telangana during March, April 2022.

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Corporate Employees Volunteering Program

Corporate companies like Oracle and KPMG participate in Annapoorna activities by sending their employees as volunteers on a regular basis to schools that are being served by Annapoorna. These corporate volunteers visit a particular school(s) and spend several hours of a day with the children engaging them in activities. For instance, they start the day by lovingly serving breakfast to the children and experience the deep pleasure that is felt when a hungry child gets hot delicious food in the morning. Post-breakfast, the corporate volunteers engage with the children either via games or teach them on topics such as hygiene and waste management. Sometimes, the volunteers also bring useful gifts for the school children such as books and stationary kits and distribute sweets or chocolates to the children. Often, as a mark of gratitude, the school children present a dance or songs or exhibit their various talents. A typical engagement ends with lunch with the children. Sometimes, companies come and celebrate a particular festival or event with the school children. For example, Oracle engages school children in events such as tree plantation by which the children understand the importance of planting trees or “Read-a-book-a-day” which helps cultivate the reading habit in school children.

Food Partners Provide Items Free or With Deep Discounts

Some of our partner organizations engage with Annapoorna by providing food items for the school children either free of cost or with deep discounts. For example, one of our partners Dabur provides truckloads of fruit juices and other edible items free of cost to Annapoorna. Since, one of the value propositions of Annapoorna is its extremely efficient distribution mechanism and its knowledge of geographies with critical need, food products that are scheduled to expire in a short period of time (e.g. in the next 2 weeks) can be quickly distributed by Annapoorna to schools where they are immediately consumed. This helps Dabur ensure consumption of its food products by the needy instead of consigning them to wastage. Other companies like Britannia and Unibic have provided us cookies and biscuits at a deep discount so Annapoorna can provide service to large swarms of schools across geographies. These food products are not only easy to distribute but are also relished by the school children along with a glass of hot milk.

Healthcare Partners Provide Free Service

Understanding the noble and selfless cause behind the Annapoorna Breakfast Program and its positive impact on school-going children, several healthcare-based organizations have come forward to support the monitoring and treatment of the served children. Leveraging Annapoorna’s extensive penetration into remote underprivileged areas, these organizations have found ways to reach their offerings to deserving and needy populations. For instance, vision-based companies like Essilor Foundation, E-drishti and Narayana Nethralaya have partnered with Annapoorna to organize free eye camps and have even provided spectacles to school children as part of these camps either free of cost or with deep discounts. The team of medical doctors at Annapoorna also regularly partners with NGOs like the Shri Sai Healing Trust and hospitals like RV Dental College to conduct regular medical and dental camps in rural areas. Additionally, during such camps, the medical team spreads awareness of hygiene and good habits, distributes supplements and hygiene kits, and provides de-worming tablets. Often, critical health issues are detected which have been previously neglected either due to lack of awareness or because of the lack of accessibility to secondary and tertiary medical facilities. When such abnormalities are picked up during regular health testing, we have referred their cases to larger hospitals which have taken up these cases and treated the children free of cost. In some critical cases where surgical intervention was required, the interventions were even performed at these hospitals free of cost.

IT Partners Provide Free Software Service

As Annapoorna has scaled its operations from a few hundred school children to two hundred thousand children, it has increasingly leveraged digitalization and automation of infrastructure and processes such as invoicing, payments, reporting, and data collection to achieve a high level of operational efficiency and financial accountability. To this end, Annapoorna is supported by its IT partners who provide free access to their systems, software, and development environment. For instance, Zoho is providing Annapoorna with life-time access to a suite of cloud-based software applications including ERP systems. They also provide Annapoorna with a team of developers who support customization of this software to serve the complex needs of Annapoorna.

Corporate Initiatives


You can select a day when employees from your organisation can come and spend time, interacting with the children at our centres and we will organise the entire day’s schedule for you. Employees can also help with specific areas of interest that aligns with our working model.


You can adopt a project of your choice from any of our service initiatives in the breakfast, education, water & sanitation and healthcare verticals or tell us about an area of your choice where you think Annapoorna can help. We will provide all the non-financial inputs and help with the execution and running of the programme.


As corporates, you can use your brand’s presence to help create awareness and support for our work. The more people hear about our work, the more we can expand our work. A good word from you about us to your clients, partners, suppliers and associates will go a long way to help us realise our vision of ensuring no child goes to school hungry ever!

Yogesh Shetty It’s more than a year since I started volunteering here, and I can proudly say that my life’s never been better! Serving hot and healthy breakfast to these less-fortunate school children may seem like an act of giving, but in reality I have received much more from them. Their love and laughter and the satisfaction I have derived from doing …

Dr B M Sai Lakshmi DENTIST

Being a volunteer at Annapoorna has been a very humbling as well as inspiring experience for me. Working at the grassroots level of our society, knowing that what we do is making a difference to many lives is a very gratifying feeling. While the experience in itself is very wholesome, the best reward I get is when after the day’s work, the…


The Annapoorna Breakfast programme has given me a fantastic opportunity to make a meaningful difference to the lives of these children. The shy but friendly smiles, tiny voices praying and singing together, and little hands delicately eating the meal, help to make the entire experience completely joyful and one that I look forward to every week…


The Annapoorna Breakfast programme has given me a fantastic opportunity to make a meaningful difference to the lives of these children. The shy but friendly smiles, tiny voices praying and singing together, and little hands delicately eating the meal, help to make the entire experience completely joyful and one that I look forward to every week…


I have been a volunteer with Annapoorna for the past couple of years. A few months back, there was a CSR Competition held in my organisation. Employees were encouraged to present the work and impact of the NGOs they were involved with. I chose to talk about Annapoorna and the impact it was having on the rural children …