Visit of Corporates from Bajaj Finserv to Annapoorna Headquarters, June 11th 2024

It was a pleasure to host Ms. Leena Rajan and Ms. Pooja Kamble from Bajaj Finserv, a leading non-banking financial company based in Pune during their visit on June 11, 2024, to Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli, headquarters of The Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust (also referred to as Annapoorna Trust).


Bajaj Finserv Limited is an Indian non-banking financial services company headquartered in Pune which is focused on lending, asset management, wealth management, and insurance.


During their visit, Mr. Anand Kadali (Secretary & Trustee), Mr. Sai Prasad Ivaturi (Trustee & Treasurer), and Mr. Ashish Bhardwaj (National Manager CSR) from the Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust had the opportunity to offer detailed insights spanning from the inception of the fortified Morning Nutrition Program to its current impact. They emphasized how the provision of SaiSure Malt and Millet Multi nutrient Health Mix during the Morning Nutrition program has positively impacted children’s lives through stories of transformation.


Given Bajaj Finserv’s network and presence in Pune Municipal Corporation where they operate predominantly and in several regions of Maharashtra state, Rajasthan & PAN India regions, the visit highlighted substantial opportunities for the Annapoorna Trust to expand the reach of the Morning Nutrition Program, thereby enhancing its impact on more children in the region.


SaiSure Ragi Multi nutrient Health Mix contains essential nutrients needed for the growth and development of school-going children, which positively impacts their academic performance and overall well-being.


Ms. Rajan and Ms. Kamble were particularly interested in the logistics and operational framework of the program. They engaged in an in-depth discussion about the sourcing of ingredients and the production process. These discussions provided a comprehensive understanding of the program’s reach and efficacy.


The enthusiasm and interest of Ms. Rajan and Ms. Kamble were truly inspiring, which aligns well with the Annapoorna Trust’s mission. Their visit laid a solid foundation for a potential partnership and we look forward to further developing our relationship with Bajaj Finserv to drive meaningful change for children through collaborative efforts.

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