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Covid Pre-emptive Nutritional Intervention Programme for needy children in Ramanagara – Nov 2021 to Apr 2022 – Beneficiary Testimonials

With the support of Persistent Foundation, undernourished children, between 2 and 6 years of age, received SaiSure Multi-Nutrient Supplement to boost their nutrition and immunity against potential onset of Covid infections in Ramanagara district of Karnataka state.


Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust is proud to be associated with Persistent Foundation which is growing exponentially in Education, Health, and Community Development in India. This IT giant is working through various implementing agencies to bring a positive impact on society. Below are a few beneficiary testimonials from anganwadi teachers, parents & Government officials:



A parent by name Archana


“My son’s name is Charan Kumar. Since my son is underweight, SaiSure health mix was provided. Now he has gained weight & become active as well. This SaiSure multi nutrient health mix is good.”



Anganwadi worker by name Asha from Channapatna taluk of Ramanagara district


“I work as Anganwadi worker. Out of 20-25 children in total from our centre, four of them in the ages 3-5 years, and 6 of them in the ages, 6 years and above come under MAM category. We have been giving SaiSure to 3-6 years of age children under MAM category. Underweight children who weighed 9 or 9.5 kg earlier, have gained weight & now increased to 10 or 10.3 kg. This SaiSure powder is beneficial to children. We have told the parents to give this along with milk. We are providing this product under the ICDS scheme & it has benefited the children in many ways. If this is provided to normal children as well, they can also improve and get stronger.”



Parent Chaitra of Iruligara Doddi of Ramanagara taluk


“My daughter’s name is Anitha. Earlier, my child would neither eat food nor drink milk. From the time we have been giving SaiSure, she has started having her food & also drinking milk normally. Previously, she was very pale. Now, she has grown well.”


Anganwadi teacher by name Azara Bibi of Channapatna taluk of Ramanagara district


“We have been distributing SaiSure powder to 15 children in our centre every month. We have seen children improving over time & also noticed increase in their weight by 100 to 250 grams. We request for this service to be continued in the coming months & express my gratitude towards the Trust.”



Parent Deepu from Ramanagara district


“My daughter’s name is Vedasri. She has been given SaiSure from last two months. She has developed well, likes to drink SaiSure & does not cry as well.”


Anganwadi teacher Gowramma of Iruligara Doddi of Ramanagara taluk


“There are a total of 25 children belonging to ST community in our centre. Out of these, 4 of them belong to MAM category for whom SaiSure has been provided. We have seen a considerable increase in terms of height and weight of the children. We are getting nutritious food due to SaiSure for our children here. Therefore, I express my heartful thanks to Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust.”


Anganwadi teacher by name Jaylakshmi of Kodamballi village in Channapatna taluk of Ramanagara district


“We have been providing SaiSure to 5 children who are under SAM & MAM category out of a total of 48 children in our anganwadi centre. We have noticed improvements in these children. It would be encouraging and helpful if this service is extended to other normal children as well. It would aid in their development as well. I express my hearty thanks on behalf of our anganwadi centre towards the Trust.”



Geetha who is Assistant Child Development Project Officer of Ramanagara district


“SAM & MAM children in our district have been receiving SaiSure multi nutrient health mix from Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust. Children are liking the taste and drinking SaiSure joyfully. Parents have expressed their keenness in getting this project continued. Hence requesting this project to be continued in the coming days & also for this service to be added for normal children as well.”


Shakuntala who is working as a supervisor in Ramanagara taluk


“I work in Byramangala & Jalamangala areas as supervisor. SaiSure multi nutrient health mix has been distributed by Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust not only in these areas but 11 other areas as well, for SAM & MAM children. This initiative has been beneficial for all children & also has resulted in increase in their weight considerably. My humble request is to extend this service to other normal children as well.”


Prema who is an anganwadi teacher at Hulthar Hosadoddi village of Ramanagara taluk


“Out of 22 children enrolled in our centre, 4 are in MAM category & there is no SAM child. One of the children by name Abhay is being given SaiSure from five months.  The parent of the child conveyed that SaiSure has been excellent for her child & has seen considerable improvement in health parameters with weight being increased gradually. She also said he liked the taste and drank joyfully. Parent has requested for these services to continue in future as well.”


Parent Syed Shafir from Channapatna taluk


“My child is being given SaiSure multi nutrient health mix from three months. She has improved in her weight & general health parameters.”


Shantamma who is an anganwadi teacher at Petecheri of Channapatna taluk


“I have been giving SaiSure to 7 children in our centre out of which 6 are MAM & 1 child in SAM category. We have noticed improvements in weight parameters in each of them. Even parents are convinced that, this product is extremely useful and hence they give SaiSure to the children exactly as told without fail. My humble thanks to Persistent Foundation & Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust.”


Parent by name Sultana of H M Mohalla in Channapatna taluk


“My child’s weight has increased post consumption of SaiSure multi nutrient health mix. This health mix is good, and my request is to continue this service in the coming days.”


Parent Soumya of Bidadi village of Ramanagara taluk


“My child is 3-year-old. His name is Peter Damian. I have been giving this SaiSure health mix to my child daily. This is incredibly good & have noticed improvement in health parameters of my child.


Parent Varalakshmi of Kenchanakuppe village of Ramanagara taluk


“I have been giving SaiSure health mix to both of my children Suchit & Shravya regularly. They have developed well. Many thanks.”


Parent by name Rehamat Ulla Khan of Petecheri, Channapatna taluk


“My son Ashan Mehdi has become active post providing SaiSure health mix. His health and weight parameters have also improved. Everything that is happening is good. My request is to continue this service in the coming days as well. Product is good.”

It is heart-warming to hear about what our projects have meant to our beneficiaries. Their words are encouraging for Persistent Foundation and Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust to strive towards the goal of achieving zero hunger and a well-nourished society. We look forward for continued association with Persistent Foundation for more such initiatives in nation building.

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