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Grocery Kit distribution in Prakasam District – 31st March 2020

The month of March saw nationwide lock downs imposed. This meant no jobs, no wages, businesses coming to a standstill and of course schools shut.


Around 5000 government school going children across 100 schools of Prakasam district who had come under the wings of Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna breakfast scheme were greatly affected by the closure of these schools. One cannot deny the need for these government safety measures, to check the rapid spread of covid, yet they were not without adverse consequences. The conditions of the parents of these children were anyway miserable but it just got worse. With the pangs of hunger being satiated before covid we had come back to no breakfast, in fact no food now. Annapoorna immediately set about getting things in order. Groceries in abundance were distributed to the parents of these underprivileged children. Immunity being of utmost importance during this pandemic, Annapoorna ensured that no child went hungry.

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