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1400 needy people reached out and given grocery kits at Bhuvanagiri, Telangana – Apr 6th 2020

Many government school going children in the district of Bhuvanagiri are daily wage workers. Leaving their children hungry and unattended to they set off every morning eager to eke out a living to the next nearby village, to provide a meager meal in the late evening to their children. Sometimes they get lucky, most often not. Life is tough on them. Sadly, their little ones bear the brunt.


Annapoorna’s story began so to help these little children, combat the pangs of hunger in the morning. The result of a hot nutritious breakfast is increased attendance and on time to school, not to mention better academic performance. However, very soon this delightful scenario came to an end. Covid was on the prowl and with schools shut, there was no light at the end of the tunnel again. No work and no wages. However, covid did not deter Annapoorna’s efforts, self-sufficient dry kits containing rice, pulses, flattened rice, wheat flour, cooking oil and spices enough to last a month were distributed to these wage workers. Much needed relief came to their comfort.


Annapoorna makes mass distribution happen. The government school going children in Bhuvanagiri District of the state of Telangana who have been with Annapoorna’s breakfast nutrition programme ever since, have had their families go through severe setbacks during the pandemic. Food shortages and no incomes have been the worst suffered. Annapoorna took the responsibility to lighten burdens. More than 1400 families of these children were given dry groceries made into kits containing essentials from food grains to spices. Addressing hunger at such a massive scale required help from the police to maintain order during distribution.

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