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Launch of SaiSure – Multi-nutrient Health mix to Government School children in Kamalapur – Kalaburagi – 22 Feb 2022

Annapoorna Morning Nutrition was launched post COVID restrictions in areas around the campus of Sri Sathya University of Human Excellence in Kamalapur, Kalaburagi district on 22 Feb 2022.


The event took place in the presence of Mr. Srikanta Murthy – Vice chancellor & Chairman of Sri Sathya Sai University of Human Excellence, Mr. Bhupal Chidambar – Secretary & Warden of Sri Sathya Sai University of Human Excellence, Mr. Arjun Hatti – Educational Coordinator Kamalapur, Mr. Hussain – PSI Mahagaon, Mr. Chennappa Kadaganchi – School Development Member Committee, Mr. Bakka Reddy – Headmaster of Balekota Gudda school. From Annapoorna Trust, it was represented by Mr. Sushanth Karanth – Manager Govt & Partner alliances & Mr. Rajiv R – Regional manager.

As part of the launch, SaiSure – Multi-nutrient Health mix powder were distributed to school children. Local villagers were happy of the fact that, henceforth, their village children would be receiving proper nutrition enabling their all-round development.



Mr. Arjun Hatti – Education coordinator of Kamalapur spoke on this occasion, “During the year 2002, the then Education Minister Mr. H Vishwanath in Raichur witnessed a school-going child in uniform suddenly leave the school  and carrying another smaller child, walking on road. When asked, the child replied he was going home in order to give food to the small child. Mr Vishwanath was deeply moved by this sight. He immediately called for a cabinet meeting and came up with the plan of Akshaya Dasoha Programme in 2002. This was initially implemented in seven districts of Kalyana Karnataka region & then spread across all districts of the state. This speaks of how much people suffer due to lack of proper food. Labourers and agriculturists go out and work to meet their ends in the wee hours of the day. Of late, to increase the nutrition quotient of the school going children, Government introduced bananas and eggs. Despite this, much needs to be done. It has been noticed many small children and pregnant women die due to lack of proper nutrition. We are fortunate that, Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust has envisioned to eradicate malnutrition in rural children with a product known as SaiSure – Multi nutrient protein powder. This is a very satisfying moment for us. This Trust also has the vision of expanding its services to 1,500,000 children by 2025. I wish the Trust, All the Best in their endeavour to reach new heights.” 


Mr. Srikanta Murthy K – Vice chancellor, Sri Sathya Sai University of Human Excellence, Kalaburagi shared his thoughts with the audience, “Am proud of being associated with Annapoorna Trust along with my wife since the time service activities were started from the year 2012. Those were the days when we used to cook morning nutrition from our homes & send to school children. Due to relentless service from many volunteers, we have now expanded our presence to 19 states & 3 Union territories ensuring morning nutrition served to more than 500,000 children every day. The main reason for such an intervention is many village children come to school on an empty stomach. Daily morning nutrition has resulted in satisfying their hunger & at the same time attendance has increased with more focus on their studies. 



Nowadays many grains & cereals are adulterated which do not have all the nutrients to meet the daily RDA requirements. Children & pregnant women are facing various kinds of issues like lack of vitamins, trace elements & iron levels. Taking all these things into consideration, SaiSure – Multi nutrient protein powder has been formulated that can be easily mixed with milk for the benefit of children. This SaiSure is also available in Chocolate flavour which will be liked by children. This would give children strength & also make them participate in sports & co-curricular activities with enthusiasm.


Due to COVID pandemic we had to wait for longer period of time for this launch. Local children need not go to far-way places to pursue their studies. For children who dream big and would like to pursue higher studies have University just at a stone’s throw away from here, offered free of charge from 6th std to PhD. Special emphasis has been given to all round development of the child. Hereby, I am thanking all who made this program possible; from Government officials to School development committee & our school Headmaster Mr. Bakka Reddy.” 

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