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Annapoorna Morning Nutrition Launch at Kanyakumari – Tamil Nadu – 21 Feb 2022

Annapoorna Morning Nutrition was relaunched post COVID restrictions in Kasturibai Middle School, Therur, Kanyakumari district on 21-Feb-2022. Kasturibai school is one of the oldest schools in Kanyakumari, which started way back in 1946. 



Food and Health officer of Kanyakumari was the Chief Guest for the event. He appreciated the efforts taken by Annapoorna Trust in providing free morning nutritious meal to rural school going children with a vision aptly resonated by ‘Let no child go to school hungry, ever!’ which has crossed serving more than 500,000 children across the country. He told that, the menu is meticulously planned, making sure that the breakfast is wholesome in its nutrition quotient and meets the quality standards.



One of the school teachers, Ms. Rama Lakshmi spoke, “We are from Kasturibai Middle School, Therur, Kanyakumari district.  All the students studying in our school are economically poor. They used to come hungry to school. We are proud that this Trust provides morning nutrition. On behalf of the school, we offer our gratitude.”


Mr. Logan of Manithamthedi charitable Trust shared about the children, “Children of labourers who work in brick kiln study here. Their parents go to work in the wee hours of the morning and their children would end up being in empty stomach. These children come to school by local public bus. Ever since Annapoorna Trust has been providing morning nutrition, the children first have food before they attend classes. Because of this great help, the number of children has increased from 81 to 181. We offer our gratitude to Annapoorna Trust and the school administration.”


Retired school Headmaster, Mr. Veerabagu spoke, “The food provided by the charitable Trust has been found suitable for the students and helps to motivate them to join the school. I wish to inform that since food is being given here, the admissions are growing.”


School Headmistress Ms. Anusha Kumari explained about the improvements in the children and said, “At 11 in the morning, the children used to feel very tired and when asked, the reply would be that they had not had any food in the morning. We ourselves bought a fruit or bun for the children many a time. Now it’s not the case anymore; we have a complete satisfaction that all children have their food every day. By doing this perfect service, our school’s strength has now increased from 60 to 180 and additional 30 children in Kindergarten. Our many thanks to Annapoorna Trust who not only have helped to increase our school’s strength by this exercise  but also have made the parents of the children extremely happy. They feel that even if the child does not eat at home, they would eat after going to school! With great mental satisfaction and pleasure, I wholeheartedly thank Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust!”


Ms. Ambika of Manithamthedi charitable Trust said, “They are implementing a good scheme whereby the hunger of tiny tots is satiated. They are doing this service continuously since last 10 years. Children in general here, do not eat in the morning before going to school. This program not only improves their health, but also will help them to concentrate on their studies. So, many thanks to Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust.”


One of the girl children said, “Morning nutrition is being provided to us through Annapoorna Trust. We come in empty stomach and eat here at school. Thanks a lot!”


From Annapoorna Trust end, Sathyanarayana – Trustee, Santhosh Allath – National Manager, Chokkalingam – Tamil Nadu co-ordinator, Saravanan – Regional co-ordinator, Jaya Krishnan – Kerala co-ordinator took part in efficient execution of the program.

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