Snap Shot of Annapoorna Trust’s Gift of Nutrition

2012-2015: Seeding the Initiative

The program began as a local initiative in 2012, initially reaching out to a few hundred children in the community under the able guidance of our visionary leader and founder Sri Madhusudan Sai


By 2015, through community engagement and word of mouth, the program expanded its reach to several neighboring schools, impacting around 5,000 children.


2016-2018: Local Expansion and Recognition
Increased community awareness and local support led to a substantial growth in beneficiaries.

The program received recognition from local authorities, attracting additional resources and partnerships.

By 2018, Annapoorna was providing nutritious morning meals to over 100,000 children across multiple districts.

2019-2020: Leveraging Partnerships for Growth

Strategic partnerships with corporates, NGOs, and government agencies were forged, allowing Annapoorna to scale its operations.
The introduction of innovative technologies streamlined logistical processes, enabling more efficient delivery of meals.
The number of children impacted surged to over 200,000 by the end of 2020.

2021-2023: National Expansion and Policy Integration


Annapoorna’s success stories garnered national attention, leading to increased support from philanthropic organizations.
Government collaboration resulted in the integration of the program into national education and nutrition policies.
The program’s impact reached new heights, providing morning nutrition to more than 3 million children by 2023.

2024 and Beyond: Global Reach and Sustainable Growth


International recognition and partnerships with global organizations propelled Annapoorna onto the world stage.
Sustainable practices and scalable models ensured continued growth.
By 2024, the Annapoorna Morning Nutrition Program became a beacon of hope, positively impacting the lives of over 10 million children worldwide.

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