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Nutritional Intervention in collaboration with Oracle Inc Feb to July 2022 – Beneficiary Testimonials

Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust in collaboration with Oracle India Private Limited started a drive of Immunity Boosting kits for moderately acute malnutrition (MAM) children in the wake of COVID-19 Pandemic. Around 1175 MAM children from Sidlaghatta and Gudibande taluks in Chikkaballapur district in Karnataka received immunity boosting kits from the month of Feb till July 2022.

This article narrates the testimonials of Anganwadi teachers & parents of children with regards to benefits, advantages & satisfaction they received in seeing their moderately acute children getting improved & becoming normal children due to the nutrition intervention initiated in these remote locations in Karnataka state.



Parent by name Gayathri


“My name is Gayathri. I am from Gokuntahalli village. My son’s name is Dishanth. We get SaiSure powder from Annapoorna Trust. It is very beneficial for my child and has showed significant improvement within a span of 3 months. It is all because of SaiSure powder. Thanks to Annapoorna Trust for giving us SaiSure.”


One of the anganwadi worker


“I am working as an Anganwadi worker for quite a few years now. We are receiving SaiSure powder from past one and half years. There are three MAM children with us. Out of them, one has come to normalcy. The other two are consuming SaiSure. Because of the powder, there has been an increase in their weight parameters. A heartfelt thanks on behalf of all the elders and beneficiaries to Annapoorna Trust for providing SaiSure.”


Anganwadi worker by name Bhagyamma shared her views


“I live in Gokuntahalli. My name is K. Bhagyamma. The children have improved since SaiSure has been given to them. I request you to continue giving SaiSure. The children ask for more and more SaiSure happily. I offer my gratitude to Annapoorna Trust for giving SaiSure.”


Parent Uma


“My name is Uma D.M. of Chendur village in Damparthi. We have been receiving SaiSure in our village since the last 9 months. There has been significant development and growth in children since then. Thank you.”


Grandparent by name Sannappa


“I am from Gorenahalli. My name is Sannappa. Since our child has been given SaiSure, there has been good development. Initially the child was pale but now looks hale and hearty.”


Parent by name Vaani of Erahalli


“My name is Vaani. My son’s name is Vedant. My village is Erahalli village. From giving SaiSure powder, my son is improving. Thanks for giving SaiSure.”


Anganwadi worker by name Mamtha


“My name is Mamtha. I am speaking from Anganwadi centre in Nalgondayarahalli village. In our Anganwadi centre, there are two MAM children. Annapoorna Trust has been sending SaiSure from the past six months. The two MAM children have been consuming SaiSure powder & we have noticed them attaining normalcy.”



Aiysha Sultana is an anganwadi teacher at Gudibande


“I am Aiysha Sultana, Anganwadi teacher in Gudibande town. Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust has been of help to our MAM children. We mix the powder in milk and give the children twice a day. Due to this, children eat well with good appetite and there has been improved growth. Gratitude to Annapoorna Trust for providing this SaiSure powder to our Anganwadi children.”

One of the parents from Gudibande

“Since my child has been given SaiSure, there is a lot of improvement. There is a good progress in height and weight. A lot of thanks to Annapoorna Trust in Muddenahalli. This way, if all children are given SaiSure, there could be good results and good improvement in all. Once again, thanks to all.”


Anganwadi supervisor from Gudibande taluk


“There is a new kind of system in Gudibande taluk which is SaiSure powder given by the Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust to our children. To bring a progress in our children to normalcy in their health parameters, Annapoorna Trust has helped us very nicely. Earlier, the children never used to drink milk. Since SaiSure powder is being given, they have started consuming milk and are well now. The parents have been requesting us to give SaiSure every day, unlike once a month, which they would give the children. The Trust has been giving us help and supporting us very well. The powder is very nutritious and is giving an excellent growth in the children.”


One of the parents from Gudibande


“I would like to greet the Annapoorna team with a very good morning. The Trust has been giving SaiSure powder to my child from last four months. We live in Gudibande, seventh ward. The Anganwadi madam gives SaiSure punctually on time, every month to the children and records weight parameters of the children. After I take SaiSure home, I mix it with milk and give it to my child. My child loves to drink SaiSure. Accidentally, If I forget to mix the powder into the milk, my son reminds me to add the powder and then give. If the powder gets over, he is not ready to listen to me when I say, it got over. He loves the taste of this powder. Due to SaiSure, his weight and overall growth have been progressing well. Seeing this improvement and development in my child, I also feel very happy. A lot of thanks to the team who is providing SaiSure and to the Trust and whichever child shows less weight, it is my request to the Trust to give this SaiSure powder to such children and help them.”


Anganwadi teacher by name P N Aruna


“My name is Aruna, and I am working as a Anganwadi teacher. In our centre, there are six MAM children. We provide SaiSure to the children and all have showed improvement in their weights. Requesting to continue to provide help in the same way, I express my gratitude to Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust.”


Parent by name Varalakshmi


“My name is Varalakshmi, and my town is Gudibande. My son has been receiving SaiSure from past four months. Growth has been good, and he has become normal. Thanks to this organization which has been giving SaiSure powder.”


Parent by name Lokanath of Gudibande


“My name is Lokanath. My daughter’s name is Lakshmi. She was very weak. Hence, from Anganwadi, we have been receiving proteins in the form of this powder. Since she started consuming this powder, her growth has been good. Thanks to Annapoorna Trust who has been giving this SaiSure powder.”

Parents were happy & surprised to have received SaiSure multi-nutrient health mix along with Amla, Imli Candy, Peanuts Chikki, Masks & Activity book at their doorstep in respective remote villages every month. The impression formed in their minds due to the service rendered to rural children by Oracle & Annapoorna Trust will surely be etched in their minds and will provide inner satisfaction to all who are involved in this nutrition intervention either directly or indirectly. We look forward to being associated with Oracle Inc in many such initiatives in building our nation.

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