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Morning Nutrition Launch in Sullurpet, Andhra Pradesh – 11th Nov 2022

Morning Nutrition was launched at Mandal Praja Parishad Office in Sullurpet Mandal of Tirupati district, Andhra Pradesh on 11th November 2022. 27,941 children across 406 schools in 6 mandals of Sullurpet would be provided with ‘Ragi Cereals Health Drink’ on alternate days.


Several government officials and school staff participated in the event, notably Sri K Sanjeevaiah – MLA Sullurpet and TTD Board Member, Dr Shekhar – District Education Officer, Sri Anil Kumar Reddy – Mandal Praja Parishad Chairman, the Municipal Chairman, MEOs of all 6 mandals, Headmasters, Teachers of Sullupet Schools, Sri Santosh Allath – National Manager of Annapoorna Trust, Sri Surendra Babu Kandalam – Regional Manager of Annapoorna Trust – Andhra Pradesh, Sri Rambabu – Operations Executive, Annapoorna Trust.


It is to the credit of Sri Narayana, a teacher and also an Annapoorna volunteer from Sarvepalli, who took initiative to get connected with the MLA of Sullurpet and the local administration, that the children in the schools in 6 mandals of Sullurpet are being provided with Morning Nutrition. In the launch event, he explained to the gathering about the ease of preparation of this Ragi drink and further assured them that he had been monitoring personally for the last 2 months in Sarvepalli constituency and how it has been a success over there. He said the teachers took turns to come to school early to make the hot Ragi Cereals Health Drink to provide to the children on time. Their involvement in this program has been commendable!


Sri K Sanjeevaiah – MLA Sullurpet and TTD Board Member spoke about his personal experience of hunger in his early life and said he could very well understand the hardships of the rural children. “When hunger is prevalent, a child cannot study well,” he remarked. Appreciating the Morning Nutrition initiative by Annapoorna Trust, he said, “besides government providing mid-day meals, this morning nutrition is very vital to the children as their parents go to work early in the morning and their chances of having a proper meal in the morning is very less.” He urged the teachers to get involved in the holistic welfare of the children and to take partake the Ragi drink along with the children. He also thanked Sri Narayana from Sarvepalli for getting Morning Nutrition started in Sullurpet.


Dr. Shekhar – District Education Officer told the people gathered about how along with the mid-day meals, other healthy food like eggs, chikki etc are being provided to the children. He expressed his happiness and appreciation for Annapoorna Trust for providing Morning Nutrition and said, “I have witnessed their efficient execution of providing delicious food in Chandragiri and Satyavedu in Tirupati district. I am very happy that they have extended the services to Sullurpet constituency as well.” Praising MLA Sri Sanjeevaiah for his kind heartedness and willingness to take this program seriously, he ended his talk by urging the MEOs and teachers to actively take part in the program.


Sri Surendra – Regional Manager of Annapoorna Trust – Andhra Pradesh, emphasised on the fact that the 3S model of working in coherence, i.e., Sarkara (government), Samaja (society) and Sanstha (organization), is sure to bring efficiency in the working approach and also to the all-round development of the child.


A small nutrition intervention like a bowl of rice, ragi-based gruel, a glass of milk, or fruit would help school children get the required nourishment and satiations that can drive better focus on learning and growing into skilful citizens. Understanding the importance of morning nutrition for school children will help ensure that no child goes to school hungry, ever! 


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