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BIMTECH Noida student’s visit to Annapoorna Trust beneficiary schools on Children’s Day – 14th Nov 2022

Dr Vineeta Roy, a Professor in BIMTECH, Greater Noida reached out to Annapoorna Trust for a field exposure trip for her MBA students and as per plan, 70 MBA students from this college came to participate in the Annapoorna Morning Nutrition program in Noida and Delhi Schools (Annapoorna beneficiary schools). They reached the Annapoorna Noida Sec 51, Government Composite School Hoshiarpur Village Sector 51 Noida at 8:45 am. After the morning assembly in the school, the BIMTECH students distributed Morning Nutrition to the 600 children present. There was also a special treat – Kachori and Biscuits for them.

After a small briefing session with the MBA students on information about the Morning Nutrition program across India by the Annapoorna Trust volunteers, they formed groups with 6-7 of them in one group handling one class each in the school. The school has classes from 1-8 and Anganwadi. They played games with children and also highlighted the importance of good nutrition and good hygiene to them. The children were overjoyed with the attention and love they received. The MBA students spent an hour having fun with these young children and thus, created many memories to cherish. They, then moved to the next Annapoorna Centre in Basti Chilla Khadar, Delhi.


This Basti School is inaccessible by buses, so the students had to walk for a km in the village to reach the school. They were warmly welcomed by the teachers and students of the GSV School. There are almost 100 children in this school. They were served with milk, biscuits and kachoris as part of Annapoorna Morning Nutrition by the students. The children gave ‘Thank you’ card to all the students and to Dr Vineeta Roy who had joined the program. The students of BIMTECH were deeply moved to see the living conditions in the village and on the other hand, were joyfully touched by the warmth they received from them. In all, they spent an hour in this school. Once again, innumerable memories to cherish and invaluable experiences, from this school visit too! The entire troupe of budding students were led & guided by Shipra Chaddha – Hon. Consultant, CSR Partner Alliances & Vivek Kumar – Manager – Operations, CSR Partners & Govt Alliances of Annapoorna Trust.


They were briefed about the Sanjeevani Hospitals, and the Educational Institutions run by the Lok Seva Trust. They were also briefed about the One Rupee app. They were given a project to make on increasing Awareness about Annapoorna Trust on social media. They were also asked to encourage more and more people to download the Annapoorna App to get the good work known to the masses. The students and Dr Roy had a fruitful visit to both the schools, and they returned back with a smile and with deep regards for the work being carried out by Annapoorna Trust.



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