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IMPACT of providing Grocery Kits to 300 daily wage workers in collaboration with GAIN Foundation- Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu State

Nutrition support for 2000 vulnerable daily wage workers by Annapoorna Trust in collaboration with The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) Foundation – Tamil Nadu, West Bengal & Karnataka States


The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) is a Swiss-based foundation launched at the United Nations in 2002 to tackle  human suffering caused by malnutrition. Working with governments, businesses and civil society, they aim to transform food systems so that they deliver more nutritious foods for all people, especially the most vulnerable. Extended lockdown due to Covid has affected global sentiments. At a time when the second wave of covid has affected people of all walks of life &  with the anticipation of a third wave to be hit, people are struggling to lead a normal life. Economy may take 6 to 8 months to come back to normal conditions. Annapoorna Trust in collaboration with The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) have come forward to assist the vulnerable population. 


Due diligence was followed in identifying the needy families. On 16th Sept, as a part of the relief programme, three hundred daily wage workers affected due to current COVID pandemic, working in the farmlands, food markets, food warehouses, and some who work as cooks, helpers etc received 1 Month dry ration kits in Sivakasi.



Programme took place in the presence of Sri. A.M.S.G. Ashokan – M.L.A. Sivakasi, Sri. J. Meganathan Reddy – I.A.S., District collector, Virudhunagar, Sri. T. Narayan Swami – Director N.C.L.P., Sri. M. Prithviraj – Sub collector, Virudhunagar & Sri. T.A. Pasupathi – M.Sc., (Psychology), Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Co-ordinator, Sivakasi.


Sri. T.A. Pasupathi – M.Sc., (Psychology), Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Co-ordinator, briefed the audience about how solid breakfast was being provided to children at schools prior to COVID pandemic at Sivakasi. He also conveyed that students’ families were being provided dry ration kits during the last three months.


Sri. Ashokan – MLA of Sivakasi thanked the Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust & GAIN foundation for  choosing to serve the needy families during this COVID pandemic.



A daughter of a woman, Pandiamma,  studying at Saraswathi Nagar school spoke,”Annapoorna Trust had given us rice, dal, and provisions previously. They have come forward to help us even this time. I thank GAIN & Annapoorna organisations.”


Another lady Abhirami said, “I am currently struggling with a large family of four children. During the COVID first wave, they had provided us provisions. Thanks to GAIN & Annapoorna that my family received provisions this time too.”


Likewise, another lady shared her feelings with us, “We come from difficult circumstances. None of them have come forward to assist us other than your organisation. Since our child has joined this school, we were able to enjoy the services provided from the Trust. Thanks again to GAIN foundation & Annapoorna Trust.”


Thangeswari who is a clerk at Kottaiyur schoolsaid, “Last time Annapoorna Trust had come forward to help us by giving  provisions. Most of the children are born to agriculturists and brick kiln labourers. Their objective of improving the nutrition in children has come in handy for us. This is the third time during COVID we are being benefited. We express our gratitude to GAIN foundation & Annapoorna Trust.” 



Each dry ration kit consists of 5kg Rice, 1ltr Gold winner refined oil(fortified), 5kg Ashirwad Atta(fortified), 1kg Tata salt(fortified), 2 kg Toor Dal, 1kg Urad dal, and 1kg Chana dal.


To know more about Annapoorna’s prevention and relief activities during the covid pandemic, glance through our content and newsletters at COVID-19 Support

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