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Morning Nutrition Launch in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh – 6th April 2023

Annapoorna Morning Nutrition Program was launched in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh on the auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti on 06 April 2023 at BSA (Basic Shiksha Adhikari) office. ‘SaiSure Ragi’ variant will be served to nearly 1,200 government school-going children across 8 schools.


Ragi, or the finger millet, has a very good nutritional profile, encompassing all the essential macronutrients – carbohydrates, fibres, fats and proteins, along with noteworthy level of key micronutrients – vitamins and minerals. It has negligible levels of cholesterol and sodium, to promote heart wellness. In addition, ragi contains considerable quantities of vitamins C and E, to boost immune, skin and hair health. Being a good source of natural calcium, Ragi strengthens bones in growing children.


It is a known fact that a good nutrition diet is essential for a healthy mind and body. And there are very famous sayings like ‘health is wealth’ which continuously reminds us of the importance of health. When the body does not receive a balanced diet, it becomes malnourished. This is one of the main reasons why so many children and women, who have been denied a proper and balanced diet end up malnourished and vulnerable to diseases. ‘SaiSure Ragi’ variant is a godsend to these children of Ghaziabad who will build a good health profile, which is central to a good and meaningful lifestyle.

During the launch event, the BSA of Ghaziabad – Mr. Vinod Kumar Mishra and his team along with the HMs of the 8 schools in Kavi Nagar area of Ghaziabad, were present. Ms. Shipra Chaddha – Client Relationship Manager and Mr. Arvind Pachouri – Senior Executive Operations represented on behalf of Annapoorna Trust. The gathering was briefed about Annapoorna Morning Nutrition program flourishing across the country and were further keen on extending it to many more children in Ghaziabad rural as well. Mr. Vinod Kumar Mishra was very appreciative of this Morning Nutrition program, and quoting that this being the year of millets and as per the Prime Minister’s directive, he said such health drinks should be encouraged. He urged the HMs to be diligent in serving the Ragi Malt to all the children.


Children are the supreme assets of a nation. It is our responsibility to protect their rights, be it right to nutrition, right to education or right to healthcare.

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