Dell Technologies Visit to Sathya Sai Grama, 28th June 2024

The Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust was delighted to host employees from Dell India Private Limited at Sathya Sai Grama, the headquarters of the Trust. Dell India Private Limited, a multinational computer technology company, has a CSR focus on preventive healthcare. In the time of crisis during COVID-19, Dell India generously provided Oxygen Concentrators through the health vertical of Annapoorna Trust.


The visit of approximately 53 Dell employees to our campus created a joyous atmosphere akin to a festival. The day commenced with visits to local schools: Nandhi Government High School, Nandhi Government Model Primary School, and Government High School, Chegatenahalli. The employees divided themselves into three groups, each group visiting one of these schools.


As the respective Dell teams arrived at the school the children were thrilled to receive them and the day was filled with joyous fun and frolic. The Dell team led engaging sessions focused on English speaking and General Knowledge. At one school, children showcased a dance performance on stage, while at another the team had interactive games. Also, each child received a stationery kit that included 3 notebooks, 2 pens, and 2 pencils.


The members passionately shared insights into diverse career paths after secondary education, emphasizing the importance of making informed choices for their future. Being highly experienced in the field it was invaluable for the students to listen to it firsthand.

The day concluded with a campus tour encompassing various facilities including the free Medical College, Hospital, Cricket stadium, Gurukulam, and SaiSure Nutraceutical facility – which supplies SaiSure health supplements to Annapoorna Trust.

Mr. Sai Prasad Ivaturi, Trustee and Treasurer, along with Mr. Ashish Bhardwaj, National Manager CSR of Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust accompanied by the management and operations team represented the Trust during the visit.


Mr. Sai Prasad highlighted the impact of the ‘SaiSure Multi Nutrient Health Mix (Malt or Millet based)’ on children, emphasizing its positive influence achieved at just Rs. 2 per child. He explained how this initiative effectively utilizes community kitchens in rural schools, addressing critical nutritional needs making it the Largest Morning Nutrition Intervention in the country run by an independent organization. The expansion program aims to extend this support to the most vulnerable communities.


The day ended happily with all 53 employees who attended the CSR event expressing their satisfaction with the hospitality and arrangements. They felt warmly welcomed and appreciated the experience, remarking that it did not feel like a typical CSR event. They expressed their intention to visit again for future events.


Mr. Saravanan Thandavamurthy, Director at Dell Technologies mentioned that, he was surprised seeing the amazing good work that is happening and thanked for the arrangement made at the school & premises. Also, Mr. Nishant Saxena, Senior Manager at Dell Technologies said that he had never seen this kind of facility, cashless. That he grew up in a government school and was amazed to see the energy in children & cleanliness maintained.


Overall, it was an eventful day and Annapoorna Trust eagerly anticipates collaborating for more diverse programs with Dell Technologies aimed at benefiting children and rural communities across our nation.

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