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CSR Summit – Combating malnutrition at scale with Saisure by Annapoorna Trust in collaboration with Government of Karnataka – December 2021

At a CSR summit the Government of Karnataka showed its massive support to Annapoorna’s new micronutrient mix called ‘Saisure’. A brochure was released advocating –‘Saisure’ as the Govt.’s flagship initiative in combating malnutrition and anemia in children and pregnant women. With such support coming in Annapoorna has been successfully reaching out to almost 500,000 underprivileged children throughout the country and still counting…


As malnutrition continues to be the bane of the nation among such poor needy children, Annapoorna enthused by the successful outcome in combating ill health is still taking its mission of creating a healthy new young India forward.

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