Annapoorna Trust with Teradata for positive change

India is grappling with several problems like malnutrition, child mortality, hidden hunger, and child wasting, despite being one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. While several initiatives have been taken to combat these issues by the government, a lot still needs to be done. It is the collective responsibility of the government and corporates along with individuals like you and me to work together to achieve the dream of a nourished nation. If each of us recognize each other as our very own, the mindset of ‘mera kya and mujhe kya’ can be erased, paving the way to serve the needy not merely as duty but to serve with the feeling of ‘love without duty.’


Nearly 50-60 corporate partners have supported Annapoorna Trust in serving morning nutrition to the needy government school children across the country.


Teradata has one of the best-in-class cloud analytics and data platforms that deliver the harmonized data and trusted AI/ML organizations need for confident decision-making, faster innovation, and impactful business results.

Teradata operates a business responsible for its impact on society and the planet. It is committed to creating an environmentally sustainable future, nurturing a culture and work environment where everyone can thrive, operating ethically in all business dealings, and creating positive social change in the communities where we live and work.


In 2023-24, with the support of Teradata, Annapoorna Trust provided morning nutrition (SaiSure Ragi Multinutrient health mix) to 7,911 government school children in Telangana (Ranga Reddy district) and 8,232 children in Maharashtra (Shirdi, Sindhudurg, Kolhapur). A total of 16,143 children received morning nutrition during assembly time at respective government schools to sooth their hunger & in turn focus on their studies.


These children would grow up to be healthy citizens of the country. Perhaps, a few would reflect on to their lives and hold a deep sense of gratitude towards the society for having helped them. They in turn would help several other children to grow up to be healthy. In our organization, we have many such children who have joined us to serve many more needy children.


Annapoorna Trust expresses its deep gratitude to Teradata for supporting the Morning Nutrition program for these children.

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