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Annapoorna Morning Nutrition Programme in Doddabele and Vinayaknagar, June 2019

Yoga session for children on International Yoga Day, Doddabele – 21 June 2019


Annapoorna Breakfast centre at Doddabele witnessed all the school going children in a yoga session on International Yoga Day.


The children are not only given just breakfast, but are being taken care of all-round holistic development including active sports, yoga, academic mentoring etc. Yoga is known to offer physical as well as psychological benefits especially to young children. It should definitely be a part and parcel of daily life!

Annapoorna volunteers help a girl child (beneficiary of Morning Nutrition Programme) continue her education, Vinayak Nagar, Bangalore – June 2019


A girl, Shivani from a Breakfast centre in Vinayak Nagar, rural Bangalore had to drop out from school to work in a garments factory to ease out the financial difficulties in her house. She was reached out by our Annapoorna Trust volunteers and was helped resume her education. She scored first class percentage of 67% in her 10th grade.


When we invest on girl child education, we invest on the entire family. The gift of education creates intellect and sound mind which gives skills and knowledge not only to thrive, but survive!

Annapoorna Morning Nutrition Programme is leading to transformation in the neighbourhood, Doddabele – 11 June 2019


The Morning Nutrition Programme which started in 2012 expanded at an explosive rate reaching across 15 states in over 2600 centres. While there was a large-scale expansion happening on one side, on the other side there was a pattern of transformation observed in the people of the neighbourhoods.

One such transformation in Doddabele village was witnessed when one family in the village residing opposite to Doddabele Breakfast centre, was inspired by the service rendered by the volunteers and came forward to donate school essentials to the children.


It is to the credit of our Annapoorna volunteers that their selfless acts of service which was witnessed by the villagers motivated them to also engage in such selfless service.

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