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Annapoorna Breakfast Launch in new schools in Anthargam and Voddera of Telangana
22 June 2019

Annapoorna Trust continues to serve more needy school children!


On 22nd June, Annapoorna launched the free breakfast programme for 250 more children in three schools of Anthargam in Telangana. Working in tandem with the 3S model – Sarkara (Government), Samaja (community) and Sanstha (organization), the launch took place in the presence of the local MLA Dr Sanjay Kumar.


A panchayat member from the nearby ‘Voddera colony’ also attended this launch program and requested a similar programme for their needy school as well. Annapoorna team in consultation with the MLA instantly agreed to launch the breakfast programme in the proposed school. The Annapoorna team immediately met the school children and the headmaster on the same day and ensured to start the programme the very next day!


What was just 6-11 students in attendance earlier, now shot up to 26 children with the launch, leaving the school authorities with a pleasant surprise.

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