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Meet with the Food Inspector and CDO of Ghaziabad and Visit to Schools, 9th October, 2023

On 9th October 2023, a team of employees of Annapoorna Trust met Bhavna ji – Food Inspector of Ghaziabad, on her invitation to get insights into the Annapoorna Morning Nutrition Programme. This was followed by our meeting with the newly joined BSA (Basic Shiksha Adhikari) of Ghaziabad, Mr. O.P. Yadav.


Both the officials appreciated the work of Annapoorna Trust and requested the team to increase reaching out to more students and schools.


The team also visited 6 Annapoorna Morning Nutrition beneficiary schools in Ghaziabad. The principals, teachers, and students of the schools are extremely happy with SaiSure Malt Multi Nutrient Health drink with milk being served to them. The school staff appreciated Mr. Arvind Pachouri – Regional Manager, NCR Region of Annapoorna Trust, for his utmost dedication and love in carrying out this mission to the very best of his ability.


On 10th October 2023, the team visited the CDO’s (Chief Development Officer) office in Ghaziabad. The office also plays a vital role in CSR alignment. They were asked to meet the officer who would be taking his new role post-Dussehra due to the recent transfer.


Annapoorna Trust is currently serving 1,145 students in 8 schools in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.


The team then visited the BSA Noida office and got a letter acknowledging them. The BSA staff invited the team for a meeting in the third week of October, where the DM Noida and CDO Noida will meet the CSR organizations and align them for various activities.


The meetings with the various government officials helped the team understand that government in North Indian states also aligns with CSR organisations under the leadership of the CDOs. This gives a lot of opportunity for the Trust to move forward connecting various institutions through CSR in the mission of nation-building through nutrition.

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