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Morning Nutrition Launch at Peren, Nagaland, 3rd October 2023

On 3rd October 2023, the launch programme of SaiSure Malt Multinutrient Health Mix to school children under PM Poshan with the theme ‘Let No Child Go to School Hungry, Ever!’ was held at GMS Saijang, Ahthibung Block in Peren district.


A total of 2,154 children across 41 schools of Ahthibung block in Peren district will receive SaiSure Malt Multi Nutrient Health drink for five days a week.


SaiSure Malt Multinutrient Health Mix is a multi-nutrient supplement with a malt-based composition, totally free of cost, for pregnant women, toddlers, preschoolers, and school children. It is designed to meet 50% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of most micronutrients. This health supplement is known to improve immunity, enhance cognition, optimize weight gain, increase bone mass, and ensure healthy blood. The tasty and highly nutritious SaiSure health mix augments the milk provided by the government to school children in the morning, making it a wholesome drink.


The programme, chaired by GMS Saijang Teacher Chongbem began with an introductory note delivered by SIS Ahthibung Block, Hentinthang Singson concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Sr. SDEP Peren.

Mr. Santosh Allath – National Manager of Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust, spoke at the gathering regarding the importance of nutrition in growing children and how daily morning nutrition can make a significant difference in the growth and development of a child. He also emphasized how SaiSure Malt Multinutrient Health Mix aids in improving the health parameters of the children and further said that getting rid of the problem of malnutrition among children of our country requires collective efforts and sacrifice from everyone.


A short speech was also delivered by Mr. Wonthungo Tsopoe – Director of School Education. The students of GMS Saijang presented a special song at the event. The programme was also attended by the Nodal Officer, Directorate of SE, Khriekethozo Lhoungu, Sr. SDEO Tening, GB Saijang, Village Councils, SMC Saijang, and Head Teachers from 41 schools of Ahthibung block.


Annapoorna Trust’s presence has been expanding at an accelerated pace to benefit more and more children. While never losing focus on working towards our mission of ‘Let No Child Go to School Hungry, Ever!’ it is to the credit of our volunteers that more and more children are receiving morning nutrition.

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