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Visit to Govt. schools in Kagaznagar Mandal, Komuram Bheem Asifabad district – Telangana, 30 Aug 2022

On 30th August 2022, Annapoorna Trust officials – Mr. Anand Kadali – Executive secretary and Trustee of Annapoorna Trust; Mr. Sushanth Karanth – Manager Corporate Comms; Mr. Dhananjay Rao Ejapu – Manager in Marketing & Digital Communication; Mr. Mahadev Naresh – Operations Executive and volunteers – Mr. T Raghuveer Singh, Mr. Battu Mallesham, Mr. P Murali and Mr Laxman, visited Chintaguda, BalaBharathi and Charegam govt. schools where Morning Nutrition has been actively going on since July 2022.


Annapoorna Trust initiated Morning Nutrition program in Kagaznagar Mandal for a total of 780 children in 9 govt. schools on 8th July 2022. A mix of cooked breakfast and Ragi Java (Ragi malt) is being provided to the children of these schools for all the days in the week.









Ragi malt


Vegetable upma


Vegetable rice


Ragi malt

The Trust’s officials and volunteers had personal interactions with the teachers and students. They also participated in the school assembly and took part in serving breakfast to the children at the schools. Mr. Anand Kadali spoke to the children at Chintaguda school about the importance of hygiene and advised them to cultivate healthy habits like brushing teeth every day, washing hands regularly, to trim nails, to comb hair etc. Anand and the team also had discussions with the teachers and cooks of the schools regarding various avenues of making Morning Nutrition, a Jan Andolan, by involving local communities, businessmen, entrepreneurs by encouraging them to take ownership and responsibility of the schools.

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