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Meals for migrant workers in Hyderabad – May 2020

The Annapoorna team ordered a sumptuous feast to be cooked. The team served these meals to the migrant workers in Hyderabad. The meal consisted of rice, lentils, curry, chilli bajjis, chutney, butter milk, and delicious desert. Being in the midst of the covid pandemic, this gesture brought joy and hope to these migrant workers, to know at least someone cared. This certainly set the path for many to take notice of making steps to improve the lives of migrant labor who were affected badly. This project lasted for a month continuously.


We think that the worst affected would be only the rural poor, yes, no doubt they are. However, we cannot forget urban areas where large sections of the poor who had migrated from rural areas were also in dire conditions. The city of Hyderabad, especially government school going children under the purview of the breakfast nutrition programme happened to be severely affected too. Their parents being bereft of any income, during the pandemic were unable to provide food to them or feed themselves. Then Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust reached out to these families with grocery hampers to last them a month. This considerably made their lives better.

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