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Covid Pre-emptive intervention support for children in Chikkaballapur – Sept till Dec 2021

As Annapoorna forayed first into Karnataka with warm cups of nutrition and love, beating the chilly winter, ‘Saisure’ began its magic on the little needy ones from toddlers to 16-year-old. Across all taluks of Chikkaballapur district, reaching remote towns and villages, assuaging malnutrition on war-footing. Feedback from parents and anganwadi workers speak of the immense benefits of Saisure and is also testimony to ‘Saisure’s effectiveness.



Speaking to parents and teachers who mix ‘Saisure’ in cups for distribution every day, begin by complementing the clarity with which instructions are labelled on bottles as to the quantity to be mixed in ratio to milk according to the appropriate age group. Comparing ‘Saisure’ to commercially available health drinks they say improvements in weight gain, height and better appetite are seen in a matter of 2 to 3 months. Wasting and stunting are arrested. Anganwadi teachers of Kathriguppe village in Chikkaballapur district comment on doctors who come on their medical rounds are surprised at the health improvement in these children.


In these uncertain times with Covid, ‘Saisure’ is also being seen as a Covid pre-emptive nutritive intervention. Thus, many parents and anganwadi teachers do see ‘Saisure’ as an antidote not just for moderately and severely acute malnutrition children but requesting for this benefit to be given to all age groups of children.


The parents of these children are in such dire economic conditions that they are not able to take care of their children’s health. This is where ‘Saisure’ becomes a boon to many. Across Dibbur, Angarekanahalli, Sultan Pete, Thirnahalli, Nandi, Sultan Pete, Byranayakanahalli and many more villages in Chikkaballapur district march on towards a young healthy India.

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