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IMPACT of providing Grocery Kits to needy families in collaboration with RIST-PFC – Krishnagiri and Chennai districts – Phase III – Tamil Nadu

Annapoorna Trust in collaboration with ‘Rural India Supporting Trust’ (RIST) and ‘Partnerships For Change’ (PFC) has been reaching out to support the families of 15000 Government Mid-Day Meal (MDM) cooks. 


As a part of this relief programme during Phase-III of the project, 387 needy families in in Tamil Nadu received 1 Month dry ration kits. Out of this, 332 kits were distributed in Krishnagiri on 05 & 07 Sept 2021 while 55 kits were distributed in Chennai on 17-Sept-2021.



Place, District

No of beneficiaries

05-Sept &


Utthankarai, Krishnagiri



Madurapakkam, Chennai






Second wave of covid has affected  people of all walks of life & has hit us hard without giving much notice. Now there is anxiety among people in anticipation of third wave of COVID. Mid-day meal cooks were the ones who have filled the stomachs of children in Govt. schools during pre-covid times. These mid-day meal cooks, labourers and their families were  one of the first affected strata in the society rendering them without a job in hand. So, we considered it  our responsibility & duty to first address their needs during this pandemic. 


In Krishnagiri, distribution took place at Utthankarai. Government school children & their parents along with cooks and labourers were very happy upon receiving the dry ration kits. They expressed their gratitude towards the Annapoorna Trust & RIST foundation for having come forward to their assistance in this time of uncertainty. Saravanan was the Annapoorna co-ordinator overlooking the entire program.


One of the beneficiaries spoke in her own words, “My name is Jeyalakshmi located in Panranipallyam area. My children study in a government school where in Annapoorna Trust were giving morning breakfast prior to COVID pandemic. We humbly thank the Annapoorna Trust & RIST for having helped us by giving dry ration kits in this time of COVID pandemic.”


Likewise, one of the teachers by name Neelaveni expressed, “My name is Neelaveni & I work as a teacher at Ariyalur School. I used to cook morning breakfast every day prior to COVID pandemic at the school & happily serve the children. I am very much thankful to Annapoorna Trust & RIST organization for helping me and my family.”


Some of the children who were very happy upon receiving the groceries expressed their feelings,


“My name is Raghavan, currently studying in 5th standard in Kuthannur Government school. I thank the Annapoorna Trust & RIST for giving one-month dry ration kit in the form of rice, dal, oil, sugar, salt etc.”


“My name is Sagarika currently studying in 4th standard in Utthankarai Government school. I thank the trust for being given one-month dry ration kit.”


“My name is Charumathi currently studying in 5th standard in Utthankari Government school. My humble salutations & thanks for both Annapoorna & RIST for providing one-month dry ration.”



In Chennai, distribution took place in Panchayat Union Primary School in Madurapakkam area. The event took place in the presence of Sri. E Raghu Kumar – who is a management consultant and advisor to World Bank projects. Also present were Annapoorna co-ordinators Sri. Vishwanathan, Sri. Srinivas Sai, Sri. Chockalingam & Sri. Pushkar Raghavan of Tamil Nadu. Fifty-three kits were provided to students of a nearby government school and their families and two grocery kits were provided to cooks who usually prepare food at schools for children.


Vishwanathan who is a Annapoorna co-ordinator said, “Parents and their children at Madurapakkam area are facing difficulties. Earlier Annapoorna Trust used to provide five kg of rice and other provisions every month. We are bounden by the gratitude shown by RIST foundation & Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust for providing ten kg of rice along with other provisions which would suffice a month for each family. Since the village is poverty stricken, there was a long felt wish to serve here. I had previously come over here with other volunteers and did a survey. Noticed that, there were not even proper houses built. Each house is covered by some sort of banners. Whenever there are heavy rains, people have to rush to this school for shelter. Such being the situation, we are putting efforts to mitigate the problem. Good times will certainly come. I would request children to continue their studies. I have noticed many parents force their children to go to work once they have completed fifth standard. Instead, I humbly request to give them the gift of education. This is the real wealth which would ensure their future. These children might be small now. But they will stand on their own legs once they complete their twelfth class. Education is essential nowadays. We will assist you all as much as we can. I express my heartfelt gratitude to Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust, Sri. E Raghu Kumar – management consultant and advisor to various world bank projects, Sri. Pushkar, Sri. Chokalingam, Sri. Srinivasan Sai – Annapoorna co-ordinators in Tamil Nadu. I humbly request the RIST Foundation and Annapoorna Trust members on behalf of this village to continue their services here.”



Each kit consists of 10kg of rice, 2kg wheat, 2kg rava, 1kg toor dal, 1ltr cooking oil, 2 kg chana dal, 50gms mustard, and  2 packets of vermicelli.


To know more about Annapoorna’s intervention and relief activities during the covid pandemic, glance through our content and newsletters at COVID-19 Support

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