Morning Nutrition Program with Sasken Technologies India

On 2nd November 2023, an event was held in which Sasken Technologies India, under its corporate social responsibility program, partnered with Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust to support the morning nutrition program for school children. SaiSure Malt Multi Nutrient Health drink will be provided to 4,577 children from 132 government schools of Chintamani taluk of Chikkaballapur district, Karnataka.

SaiSure Malt Multi Nutrient Health Mix is a multi-nutrient supplement with a malt-based composition, totally free of cost, for pregnant women, toddlers, preschool, and school children. It is designed to meet 50% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of most micronutrients. This health supplement is known to improve immunity, enhance cognition, optimize weight gain, increase bone mass, and ensure healthy blood. It is distributed with milk, provided by some states at government schools, and is available in Vanilla and Chocolate flavours. The tasty and highly nutritious SaiSure health mix with milk provided to school children in the morning makes it a wholesome drink.

The event was attended by Mr. Sunil Dath – Head of IT & Infosec, and Mr. Shailendrasing Patil – Manager-Facilities, Sustainability. Both appreciated the great noble work being rendered through Annapoorna Trust.Annapoorna Trust was represented by Mr. Ashish Bharadwaj – National Manager CSR; Mr. Vivek Kumar – National Manager of Marketing; Mr. Kiran B. P. – Regional Manager of Karnataka; Mr. Rajiv R. – Manager, Karnataka.

At the event, Mr. Sunil Dath said, ‘Students should make full use of SaiSure Malt Multi Nutrient Health Mix product. Once you all grow up, please be of service to the nation by giving back to the society in any way.A girl spoke at the event, thanking everybody for coming to a remote place from the city and working for the welfare of the village folks. She continued to say that the children are filled with gratitude and will definitely carry this sense of gratitude in their hearts when they grow up and, in turn, become capable of helping somebody else in the future!

Mr. Kiran B. P. also spoke at the event and said, ‘I was getting frequent requests from various schools to get SaiSure Health supplement morning nutrition programme started in Chintamani taluk. I was praying to the Almighty to get this accomplished. To my surprise, Sasken Technologies came forward to support this cause wholeheartedly and answered my prayers. Children generally do not like to drink milk. SaiSure Malt Multi Nutrient Health drink, along with milk, works as a wonder product. The children relish the taste of the drink. Since it is fortified with vitamins and minerals, it also has health benefits like aiding in their physical and cognitive development and increased attentiveness in the morning class hours. The children need not have to wait hungry for the mid-day meals any longer. I would like to thank, on behalf of the Trust, Mr. Sunil Dath and Mr. Shailendrasing Patil of Sasken Technologies for having come forward to support this initiative in these rural areas.’ Right to Food (Nutrition)’ is every child’s fundamental right. Until every child has access to nutritious and healthy food, it is our (society’s) responsibility to strive to achieve it.

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