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Morning Nutrition launch with Sopra Steria in Bengaluru, 8th August 2023

On 8th August 2023, Annapoorna Trust restarted the SaiSure morning nutrition program with Sopra Steria at St. Theresa Primary School in Bengaluru. This program was launched in August 2022, a year back, for 230 children. This year too, about 240 children will receive SaiSure Malt Multi Nutrient health mix with government-sponsored milk for all 5 days a week.


SaiSure is a health supplement mix designed specifically to provide the vital nutrients and micronutrients essential for growing children. The tasty and highly nutritious health mix augments the milk provided by the government to the school children in the morning making it a wholesome drink. Morning nutrition has shown remarkable improvement in children in terms of higher attendance, lower dropout rates, improved health parameters, a marked increase in academic performance and attentiveness – and the list goes on.

Mr. Bheem, Mr. Jaleel, and other employees from Sopra Steria were present for the launch event. Mr. B. S. Sai Bhaskar – Partner Relationship Manager from Annapoorna Trust and Ms. Regina Reeta – Headmistress of the school were present.


Sopra Steria headquartered in Paris, is a European-based consulting, digital services, and software development company. Under the banner of ‘Yogdaan’ – Sopra Steria India CSR initiative, undertakes various activities focusing on community services, education, environment, healthcare, sanitation, and skill development. Annapoorna Trust’s collaboration with Sopra Steria from one year is going strong and looks forward to continued partnership in creating a nourished society.

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