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Visit to Krishnaashraya orphanage to distribute essentials, sweaters and SaiSure Health Mix to the children – Nov and Dec 2020

Annapoorna Trust volunteers visited an orphanage, Jeevitha ashram and distributed sweaters and rugs to 90 children. Snacks such as cakes and biscuits were also given, much to their delight, which they relished eating! SaiSure Health Mix was provided to help improve nutrition and immunity in these children.


Gift of nutrition is the best gift!

Annapoorna Trust volunteers distributed 37 sweaters to children in Krishnashraya orphanage. This orphanage has children of all ages up to PUC level. They were also provided with snacks to use during their online classes! The children expressed their delight on receiving these, through their smiles.


The love we put into giving, is bound to give happiness to the one who receives and to the one who gives. Hence, the quote of Mother Teresa – ‘It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving,’ has so much of weightage and relevance!

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