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Annapoorna Trust provides masks to truck drivers, cleaners and BMTC staff, Aug – Dec 2020

Annapoorna Trust provides 7500 reusable masks to truck drivers – August 2020

Annapoorna Trust collaborated with Nayonika Eyecare Charitable Trust, to work with Karnataka Goods Transporters’ Association (KGTA) in providing reusable masks for truck drivers. The truck drivers are at constant risk of infection due to their travelling jobs. The Treasurer and Project Director of KGTA acknowledged and appreciated the noble service.

5100 masks to truck drivers and cleanersOctober 16, 2020

On 16th October 2020, along with Nayonika Charitable Trust, Annapoorna team distributed 5100 masks to truck drivers and cleaners hailing from Karnataka and other states. The distribution took place in Karnataka Goods Transport Association premises.

5000 face masks and 500 face shields to BMTC staff and needy commuters – 19 Nov 2020


On 19th November 2020, Annapoorna Trust in collaboration with Nayonika Eye Care Charitable Trust, HP India and BMTC, delivered 5000 face masks and 500 face shields to BMTC Central Office, Majestic. These would be distributed to needy commuters and support staff of BMTC.

A sincere appreciation to these Public Transport Workers for their dedication and arduous work, even during the pandemic!

More face masks provided in Yeshwanthpur market, Bengaluru – Dec 2020


In the month of December 2020, about 2000 face masks were provided to vendors and helpers at the Yeshwanthpura goods market in Bengaluru, to help them stay safe in crowded areas.

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