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Oracle Team’s CSR Events in Collaboration with Annapoorna Trust in 2020

Oracle Employees engage with Annapoorna schools and ‘Share a meal CSR activity’– Jan 2020 


Annapoorna Trust celebrates 7 years of serving breakfast to school-going children. The Oracle employees have been engaging with Annapoorna beneficiary schools and they share their experiences, which can be viewed in the video from the link below:



The employees shared their gratifying experience of participating in volunteering and said, it is not just about volunteering but is about doubling happiness, which only inspires them to do more with enthusiasm. This enthusiasm has been driving them to wake up early in the morning and reach early in order to serve breakfast to the children, and also share their knowledge with them, thus helping them get educated to become better citizens for better India. A healthy, nutritious and balanced breakfast provided by Annapoorna Trust, is definitely an essential meal to these children, especially since their parents are mostly labourers who cannot afford to make breakfast for their children. One of the volunteers expressed his delight by saying, “I haven’t skipped a single event to volunteer.” They also say the children appear happier and healthier owing to the last few years of serving morning nutrition.


On Republic Day 2020, Oracle along with Annapoorna Trust conducted a CSR event ‘Share a meal’ activity in Thubarahalli Government School wherein the volunteers (Ora and Annapoorna volunteers) served sumptuous and tasty lunch for about 200 students, making it a well spent weekend for all! This school has been an Annapoorna breakfast beneficiary school and the children have been receiving breakfast every day. It is laudable to note that, many children from this school have joined Sri Sathya Loka Seva Education Institutions across Karnataka. They are offered education & hostel facilities free of charge.


Thus, Annapoorna Trust has given a wonderful platform to participate in this noble cause – ‘Let No Child go to School Hungry, Ever!’


Oracle CSR activity in Veerasandra Govt. School – 11th March 2020


Veerasandra Govt. School, an Annapoorna Trust beneficiary school, saw a buzz of enthusiasm and activity on 11 March 2020, when Oracle volunteers with Annapoorna Trust volunteers teamed up for a fruitful CSR event which saw a fun filled sports session and sumptuous lunch for about 250 students. An awareness session regarding hygiene for the students, especially at the time when the world has been plagued by Corona virus, was also conducted.


Unified effort by like-minded individuals and like-minded institutions can indeed give much joy and receive much joy!


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