Love begets Love!

Love and Goodness are highly infective, it is told. What the volunteers of the Annapoorna Breakfast Programme from Noida witnessed during this Sankaranti perfectly fits this line!

Annapoorna breakfast is served to the GPS and GMS schools in Hoshiarpur in Noida, a part of Uttar Pradesh state. One of the vendors, who was touched by the volunteers’ service for the needy schoool children, supplies certain items at a very nominal rates for the breakfast programme in these schools for over two months.

This Sankaranthi, the vendor went one step further, and got his staff to make 550 packets of Rewari and Gajak for the school children, adding to the oranges that were being distributed by Annapoorna volunteers.

He went to the schools to distribute them himself, and displayed a lot of enthusiasm and humility during the activity. He has promised to be back shortly with Soya katoris (a type of Salted savories/ Namkeen)!

Well, Love begets Love!

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