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Dry Ration Kits to 500 ASHA workers in Tumkur with the support of Microfocus

“The essence of life is to serve others and do good.”



The above-stated quote truly reflects the motive and essence that ASHA workers possess. They have been a true warrior during the pandemic.


ASHA workers – a million women all in uniform pink saris – have worked tirelessly on the rural front line to prevent and protect the people from the ever-worsening COVID-19 pandemic.


As a token of appreciation, on 02-June-2021, Annapoorna Trust Organisation, in collaboration with Tumkur DC and MP (Siddappa Basavaraj), with the support of Microfocus,  distributed one-month DRY RATION to 500 ASHA WORKERS in the Tumkur district. They were distributed with 5 Kgs Rice, 1 Kg Toor Dal, 1 Litre Oil, Atta, Pulses, and Cereals.


We are genuinely grateful to ASHA for their selfless service and wish them luck in their journey to a better society.

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