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SaiSure Health Mix distribution to children and Covid Patients as an immunity booster in Haveri


SaiSure is a unique and much needed multinutrient supplement programme for toddlers, children and pregnant women offered totally free of cost. The composition is conceived keeping the demands of vital nutrients for normal progeny and potential future of adult healthy life. The distinct formulas are developed with highest medical standards and safety as the priority, with scientific inputs from a panel of specialist doctors, nutritionists and experts in public health.


Annapoorna Trust is at the forefront in combating malnutrition in India. It’s a well-known fact that, SaiSure aids an individual in improving immunity, increase bone mass & optimizes weight gain. Annapoorna Trust has been aiding the development of aspirational districts like Raichur and also in the fight against undernutrition and malnutrition in collaboration with Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Karnataka. Considering the third wave of COVID expected to hit about 4 lakh children in the state in the months of September and October and taking note of these developments by the trust, Dr Shalini Rajneesh IAS – Additional Chief Secretary at Planning Department, Government of Karnataka requested Annapoorna team to come to the aid of children & covid recovered patients in the district of Haveri.

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