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Annapoorna Trust reaches the milestone of providing clean, drinking water to 15,000 villagers and 22,500 children with breakfast every day, 2017

Close to 15,000 villagers are being provided with clean and safe drinking water in 9 villages and 1 Govt. PU college in Chikkaballapur.

Right to clean water is a fundamental right of every human being. It is the responsibility of the individuals and society as a whole, to take care of the fundamental needs of all human beings.

As the saying goes, ‘The reward for good work is more work,’ our volunteers are constantly working more and playing an important role towards rural upliftment.

Yet another milestone reached by Annapoorna Trust! 22,500 children in more than 270 centres across 8 states are receiving nutritious breakfast every day.

Annapoorna Trust’s presence has been expanding at an accelerated pace to benefit more and more children. While never losing focus on working towards our mission of, ‘Let No Child Go to School Hungry, Ever!’ it is to the credit of our volunteers, milestones after milestones are being achieved.

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