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Permission received for start of Morning Nutrition Program in 12 schools in Himachal Pradesh, 24th March 2022

Due to the onslaught of Covid-19 and the schools being closed, Annapoorna Morning Nutrition Program could not make a start in Himachal Pradesh. The Trust representatives had been meeting the MDM officials prior to the pandemic. However, after almost two years, the meeting with the MDM officials resumed once the schools opened.


On 21st March 2022, the Trust representatives met Mr. Naresh Sharma, Nodal Officer, MDM, Department of Shimla and requested him to proceed with the proposal request. Also, a detail conversation ensued regarding the places where the program is being carried out and its benefits on the children including reduced absenteeism, better focus on studies and improved health profile. The officer welcomed the Nutrition Program and asked his team to prepare an official letter to be forwarded to Dr. Pankaj Lalit, Director of Primary Education (HP) for approval.



The letter was prepared and the schools were shortlisted where the pilot program would start. The file was signed overnight by the Director. He also remarked that this project is good. He himself added two more schools to the list where children of migrant labourers studied. He also shared about his feeling that this program would benefit them a lot.


The Trust received a letter on 24th March 2022 to start the program in 12 schools targeting 1,239 students. Very soon, an official MoU will be signed. The program is expected to be launched very soon.

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