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Meeting with AP MDM Director – Discussion on Annapoorna Morning Nutrition

Annapoorna Trust launched its SaiSure Morning Nutrition Programme for Government school children in Tirupati Rural, Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh in January 2022. The initiative has been supported by Mr. Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy, MLA of Andhra Pradesh and various other government officials. The program commenced in pilot schools across six Mandals in Tirupati.


On 18th April 2022, Mr. Anand K. Kadali and Mrs. Padma Radhika Kadali, on behalf of the Annapoorna Trust, met the AP MDM Director, Mr. Mydeen Dewan to give a report on Morning Nutrition Program for 15,000 children that has been going on successfully in Tirupati.


There were also discussions to explore restarting the program in many other districts in Andhra Pradesh. Mr Mydeen was keener on expanding the Morning Nutrition in districts especially where malnutrition has been rampant.


Based on guidance from MDM department, the Trust is expanding the program in many more needy govt. schools where the Trust can project the SaiSure Nutrition program as an impactful nutrition intervention ensuring the children suffering from malnutrition are taken care in a better way. The Director has shared details of government MDM program and requested the Trust to work on the neediest schools in the backward districts of AP. The details of these schools are being shared shortly where SaiSure Morning Nutrition can be started. The Annapoorna Trust representatives are on a war footing, meeting government officials in various taluks & other stake holders to enable smooth execution of Morning Nutrition.


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