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Meeting with Chandigarh Administration to Discuss Pilot Project

Annapoorna Morning Nutrition Program made a kickstart in Chandigarh (UT), by meeting a couple of people in the MDM department. Further meetings with higher authorities for necessary permission was only possible after the pandemic subsided. Gradually, when the frequency of in-person meetings increased, the Trust requested to meet the Hon’ble Governor of Punjab, Mr. Banwarilal Purohit, who is also the administrator of Chandigarh (UT).

On 31st March, Mr. Santosh and Mr. Vivek, on behalf of the Trust met the Hon’ble Governor, who very graciously enquired about the project and what he could do for its implementation. After understanding the project, the Governor suggested a meeting with Secretary of Education and the Director of Education for an evaluation of the proposal.

In two weeks, on 18th April, a meeting was scheduled with the MDM department. The project and its benefits for the children, its alignment in a broader perspective, with the PM POSHAN Yojana were explained by Mr. Santosh and Mr. Vivek. The department was very receptive to the idea and also asked about the Trust’s future vision after the completion of the pilot project and various other parameters of possible collaboration with the administration.

That evening, a meeting with the Director of Education, Ms. Palika Arora proved to be very positive. She advised various aspects that would be crucial for implementation regarding parents’ consent and feedback of children which would help in deciding the scale-up to all the 122 schools in Chandigarh, thereby, benefiting all the children.

Apropos of the meetings, documentation is being finalized and hopefully soon, the pilot project will be launched in Chandigarh.

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