Addressing Future ICT Forum for Sustainable Cities 2024 Summit, 27th March

Future ICT Forum for Sustainable Cities (https://www.futureictforum.com/) is an organization based out of Bengaluru organizing various summits that ponder on the development of information and communication technologies that will make the planet Earth sustainable for living. This includes discussions and panels on topics including mobility and new energy in metropolises; cross-country academic partnership for research and knowledge growth; digital economy tech for good and circularity; and health and wellness inviting speakers from various countries across the globe.


Various thought leaders and experts share their knowledge, work, and development in areas that will make the cities sustainable for living focusing on people and the planet.


On 27th March 2024, our National Manager (Marketing), Mr. Vivek Kumar, was asked to be a speaker on the panel on health and wellness and present the work that our group of non-profits is undertaking.


Mr. Kumar opened his presentation by focusing on the fact that India is one of those countries where the maximum number of children are born with congenital heart diseases. There are two main reasons behind this—one is malnutrition and the second is girls being married off at an early age. Their bodies are not ready to bear the impact of being mothers and consequently, children are born premature, underweight, and with congenital heart diseases. India is not ready to handle this healthcare burden.

This is where our group of non-profits works by providing morning nutrition to close to 9 million schoolchildren across India; by providing free-of-cost residential education to girls so that their parents are not forcing them to get married at an early age; and by providing free-of-cost healthcare through hospitals in the area of paediatric healthcare.


After a brief introduction, Mr. Kumar integrated his talk with a video presentation that covered all the projects undertaken by our non-profits.


He ended his talk by inviting the audience to be a part of this movement and also visit the headquarters so that they could see what is being told is also truly happening on the ground.


The director of the event, Mr. Jose Jacob K, mentioned in his closing remarks that he was very happy to see a heart-shaped hospital without any billing counters because the healthcare bill itself is capable of giving another heart attack to the patients.


Everybody commended the job done by our non-profits and promised to explore the possibilities of collaboration to work towards social welfare without which the idea of sustainable cities lacks the human touch.

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