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Launch of Free Morning Nutrition program with “Feeding India” – Telangana – 02nd July 2022

Zomato and Feeding India’s association gave birth to The Feeding Foundation – moving from a primarily philanthropic relationship to a deeply collaborative alliance. Feeding India by Zomato has served over 15.3 Cr meals from 2019 till 2021 alone.


Serving in line with their mission of “Make India Hunger Free,” Feeding India joined hands with Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust. As part of the initiative, this collaboration will feed children at Government schools in the state of Telangana. 1000 kits were delivered at 43 schools across Siddipet, Malleshwaram & Champapet and this initiative would continue on monthly basis.


The official launch took place on 02nd July 2022 in Mandal Parishad Rangadhampally High School, Siddipet, in the presence of Mr. M Ramprasad – Headmaster & District Govt. Textbooks manager, Siddipet and Mr. Kedareshwar – Auditor of Feeding India. Annapoorna Trust was represented by Mr. Santosh Allath – National Manager, Mr. Dhananjay Rao Ejapu – Manager in Marketing & Digital communication, Mr. Mahadev Naresh & Mr. Kushal.


Below table provides details of distribution: 



No of schools





Malleshwaram (Pahadishareef)











Feeding India kits, sufficing for a month, were distributed to each location based on the strength of children in each school. Feeding India kit consisted of rice, channa dal, soya wadi, sugar, turmeric powder, chakki atta, salt & oil. Annapoorna kit comprised of urad dal, tamarind, lemon salt, jalakara, avalu. It is heartening to state that, Mid-day meal cooks have the privilege to prepare different varieties of breakfast every single day for children.


Mr. Santosh Allath – National Manager of Annapoorna Trust in the launch gathering said, “Feeding India came forward to support govt school children in the form of dry ration so that, needy children from rural background get sumptuous morning nutrition daily. 1000 kits are being provided by Feeding India which would benefit more than 5000 children. They are also keen to expand this initiative to 50000 children in the coming days. I express my thanks to Feeding India for this kind gesture towards needy children. I also thank Headmaster of Rangadhampally – Mr. Ramaprasad for having come forward to store the dry ration in school premises.”


Next Mr. Kedareshwar, who is working as auditor for Feeding India, being very happy with the collaboration said, “It was a pleasure to work with Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust. Our collaboration is exemplary. Going to each and every village & making sure required amount of dry ration & ingredients are delivered, monitored & audited is no easy task. I even go the extent to say that, With the guidance of Annapoorna Trust, Feeding India is able to achieve its target of feeding the hungry. We look forward to associate with Annapoorna Trust in the future as well.”


Mr. Ramaprasad – Headmaster at Mandal Parishad Rangadhampally High School, feeling grateful toward Annapoorna Trust said, “I express my gratitude towards Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust for having re-initiated morning nutrition post COVID pandemic. They have been providing breakfast to children since 2019. This initiative has resulted in increase in school strength from 300 to 340 in this academic year. Attendance has increased & children are able to concentrate more on studies. Annapoorna Trust have never denied any assistance whenever approached. We are doubly overwhelmed for having now received support from Feeding India as well in this noble initiative of serving needy children. As a headmaster of this school, I promise to give my volunteer services to the Trust whenever required.” He further went on to say, “I am grateful for Feeding India and Annapoorna Trust for providing chocolates during the start of the academic year. Parents have given excellent feedback with regards to SaiSure multi-nutrient health mix received during COVID & prior to that.”

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