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More COVID relief activities in different areas within Bengaluru – July 2020

In the month of July 2020, more relief activities were conducted. Annapoorna Trust volunteers distributed groceries to parents of children studying in Annapoorna Breakfast beneficiary schools in Ramamurthy Nagar in Bengaluru. A volunteer also distributed groceries to an old age home.

In the same month, one of the volunteers from Annapoorna team provided groceries which would last for a month’s duration, to an orphanage in Srirangapatnam, Mandya district.

In Thubarahalli slum in Whitefield area of Bengaluru, Annapoorna team had provided 2 rounds of groceries to many needy families earlier. During July 2020, the team distributed another round of groceries to 20 needy migrant labourer families whose children have been studying in Annapoorna Breakfast beneficiary school. Also, 46 children were provided with sweaters. On noting a larger requirement of groceries for more needy families in the slum, after a couple of days, the team again distributed groceries to close to 200 families. These families were facing loss of livelihood due to the pandemic. These relief materials came as a vital rescue to these families at a challenging time of crisis.

The volunteers, lovingly called ‘COVID warriors,’ have done a yeomen service during the pandemic!

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