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Visit to schools in Murtizapur – Apr 2022

04 Apr 2022 was the day when SaiSure multi nutrient health mix was launched in Murtizapur by Bacchu Babarao Kadu – state minister of Education. Annapoorna Trust officials and volunteers started visiting Government schools in city and villages of Murtizapur the very next day to give a live demo in respective schools as to How to prepare SaiSure.

We started speaking to school authorities, cooks the amount of SaiSure that is required for each child per day which can either be mixed with hot milk or milk powder with hot water. We even provided details with regards to nutritional value of the SaiSure multi nutrient health mix. Told them how a malt-based composition for children is designed to meet 75% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of most of the Micronutrients.

Below are the details of the schools visited:

Sl. No 
Murtizapur City & Village 
Indira Gandhi Nagar Palika Vidyalaya 
Rajiv Gandhi NP Pratamik Shaala 
R Dubey NP 
Savitra Phule NP 
Rani Lakshmi Bai NP 
J B Nagar Palika Hindi Vidyalaya 
J B Nagar Palika Urdu Vidyalaya 
Sir Syed Ahmed NP 
Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay NP 
Maulana Abdul Kalam Azaad NP 
Old Gharkul NP 
ZP Primary School Ghazipur 
ZP School Goregaon 
ZP Primary school Chikli 
ZP School Anbora 
ZP School Bhagora 
ZP School Kharab Dore 
ZP School Sonori Urdu Medium 
ZP School Sonori Marathi Medium 
ZP School Shelvetal 
ZP School Sirso 

Santosh Agarwal – Annapoorna Co-ordinator, Vidarbha, Maharashtra spoke as, “Today Annapoorna Trust serves free morning nutrition to over 500,000 children at remote distant locations and various geographies across India in 6000+ schools across 22 States and 3 Union Territories. They also have their presence overseas in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Nigeria, Sri Lanka & Australia. “


SaiSure multi nutrient health supplement is available in 3 flavours of Almond, Vanilla & Chocolate. Like Khichdi, which is provided as part of mid-day meal, SaiSure would be served as part of morning nutrition. We request each one of you to get glasses from your homes. We will start providing SaiSure daily. To understand the impact & change it has had on growing children in overcoming malnutrition post partaking SaiSure, we would take details of general health parameters of the child like height, weight etc from school authorities. Based on the response & feedback, we are looking forward to expanding this project to other parts of Vidarbha & Maharashtra state as well. Sushanth, Anil & myself all represent Annapoorna Trust. They have come all the way from Bangalore. SaiSure is a multi-nutrient supplement, a malt-based composition, offered totally free of cost, for Government school children. Different models are followed for morning nutrition based on geography & feasibility like milk with cookies or bananas, cooked breakfast, SaiSure with milk. I request each child once again to get glasses from home regularly.

One of the teachers told to get water from home along with glass. In another village school, Teacher told we are grateful for Annapoorna Trust for having come to Murtizapur and serve the needy children.


We co-ordinated with teachers & cooks of nearby schools to assemble at one place wherever feasible & even visited remote schools in villages. We shared the brochures having details of Annapoorna Trust and SaiSure & explained to them how SaiSure is a right enabler for rural children to improve immunity, enhance cognition, optimize weight gain, increase bone mass & ensure healthy blood count. They were excited to know the progress made by Annapoorna Trust in the field of combatting malnutrition across 22 states & 3 union territories.

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