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IMPACT of providing Grocery Kits to Mid-Day Meal Cooks in collaboration with RIST-PFC – Chintamani, Gowribidanur & Bagepalli – Phase III – Karnataka

Annapoorna Trust in collaboration with ‘Rural India Supporting Trust’ (RIST) and ‘Partnerships For Change’ (PFC) has been reaching out to support the families of 15000 Government Mid-Day Meal (MDM) cooks.

As a part of this relief programme during Phase-III of the project, 1636 cooks across Chintamani, Gowribidanur & Bagepalli taluks of Chikkaballapur district received 1 Month dry ration kits.


The global nature of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the whole world with the twin shocks of a health emergency and an economic recession. Even as the world learns to live alongside Covid, its highly transmissible variants such as omicron are still triggering new waves. However, high vaccination coverage, mandatory usage of masks and social distancing have kept infections at bay along with reduced morbidity and mortality.

Non-profits such as RIST, PFC & Annapoorna Trust had to balance the reality of meeting immediate basic needs with anticipating the lasting impact of the crisis on the future of our children.


Details of the distribution in Chintamani, Gowribidanur & Bagepalli taluks during third week of Apr 2022 & first week of May 2022 are as follows:


Village Name

No of cooks

Chintamani, Chintamani-2, Urdu-1, Doddaganjuru, Anoor, Peramachanahalli, Hirekattigenahalli, Talagavara & Kaiwara


Booragamakalahalli, Nandiganahalli, Muragamala, Yagavakote, Iragampalli, Batlahalli, Kadadhanamari, M Gollahalli, Siddepalli, K Raguttahalli, Kencharalhalli & Chilakalanerpu


Gowribidanur, Herebidanur, Alakapura, Hudaguru, Vatada Hosahalli, Nagaragere, Jarabandahalli, Namagondalu, D Palya, Urdu South


Thondebhavi, Kallinayakanahalli, Alipura, Gedare, Hosur, Manchenahalli, Pura, Hale Halli, Ramapura, Mudugere, Idagur, Melya, Viduraswatha, Urdu North & Vatahoshalli


Bagepalli Town, Bagepalli Rural, Devaragudipalli, Gulur, Marganukunte, Thimampalli, G. Maddepalli, Billur, Urdu


Kanagamakalapalli, Mittemari, Yallampalli, Tollapalli, Pathapalya, Somanathapura, M. Nallagutapalli, Yaragudi, Raccheruvu, Chakavelu, Cheluru, Palkere & Achgampalli




Each kit consists of 10kg of rice, 2kg of wheat flour, 1 kg of toor dal, 1kg channa dal, 1L cooking oil, 2kg of sugar, 1kg of salt, vermicelli, chilli powder, jeera, mustard, and turmeric.

Schools are slowly reopening after multiple COVID-19 lockdowns. Mid-day meal cooks were gracious enough to express their gratitude towards the RIST, PFC & Annapoorna Trust for having remembered them again at these grim times. Even if they were willing to work, there were hardly any opportunities nearby. They are of the opinion that by the grace of God, there is someone to look after them during these turbulent times. This has made them resolve to serve the children with more love & care once the schools are fully operational.

To know more about Annapoorna’s intervention and relief activities during the covid pandemic, glance through our content and newsletters at COVID-19 Support

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