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Annapoorna Trust sends relief to Alandurai, Semmedu & Mettupalyam in Tamil Nadu – May 2020

Children have always been Annapoorna’s first priority. They are the future of the nation, and a healthy nation has the potential to make dynamic progress in whatever field it chooses to.


Taking strides to work around eliminating the adverse effects of covid lock downs, Annapoorna Trust distributed 2kgs of wheat to every needy family on the 8th of May to those children studying in the government schools of Semmedu which is part of the district of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. These children come from poor, underprivileged homes, unable to satiate their hunger, many are malnourished and unable to sit focused in their classes. Annapoorna Trust’s method is to supplement their diet with vitamins, minerals and proteins thus providing a healthy life to them.


Mettupalyam is a town in Coimbatore district in the state of Tamil Nadu located at the foothills of the Niligiris. There is a locality here called Vedar colony. In Vedar colony is a government school, the children studying here come from extremely poor backgrounds. Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust served these children with a hot nutritious breakfast on working school day. Unfortunately, covid swept the nation sparing none in its path, if not the disease the precautionary methods to deal with covid threw the world into unnatural situations. The poor who had no savings were in the lurch. The extended lockdowns did not help the circumstances they were thrown into. So, Annapoorna Trust determined to help these children supplied their families with 2 kgs of wheat. This did bring relief to them instantly.

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