TCS Team Visits JP Nagar Slum Annapoorna center

Tata Consultancy Services and Annapoorna sprang a special visit to the JP Nagar Slum in Bangalore (near Ragigudda temple) that came as a hearty surprise to the children there.

The TCS team consisting of 15 volunteers planned a slew of activities for the children in the slum, who are also the regular recipients of the daily Annapoorna breakfast programme. The activities included tree plantation, games like discuss throwing, rope skipping, etc. The elder children were engaged with fun filled outdoor games like volleyball, badminton and football.

The team also provided dental kits to the children to help drive the significance of hygiene amongst them. The children were also given gifts in the form of clothes. Lunch and refreshments were served to all the children and parents.

Kudos to the TCS team for their wonderful gesture to the children of the JP Nagar slum!

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