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The magic of service in Jagtial, State of Telangana
March 2020

Inspired by the love to serve and the joy one accrues from serving, many have been transformed. Watching many Annapoorna volunteers, new ones have enrolled. Some have become sponsors today, donating milk for the Saisure mix served at a government school in Rekulapally village which  Annapoorna has adopted, in Telangana. The local Sarpanch Smt. Laxmi Ashok took this responsibility of providing a year’s supply of milk for 30 children.


Adopting Annapoorna schools by way of providing groceries, has been another beautiful way of expressing one’s dedication and love for this service. Sri J Nagaraju an Annapoorna volunteer has also donned the role of a sponsor providing essential raw materials for providing a hot solid breakfast. Sri Bhoomesh, at another of Annapoorna school in Shankulapalli village took the opportunity to do the same.

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