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Migrant workers go through tough times too in Tamil Nadu – April & May 2020

In the first phase of stage wise covid relief, 3 tons of wheat flour had been disbursed to the migrant workers who were mostly from the north of the country in the month of April. Now as the second phase of distribution commenced, 3 additional tons of wheat flour, together with 150 kgs of tea powder was given to them. This was shared amongst them joyfully. Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust with its volunteers Sri Sai Badhri and his wife were the driving forces behind this organized distribution. The District Collector and Tahsildar of Coimbatore were present to grace the occasion.


Migrant workers in the month of May went through untold hardships. During the pandemic situation there were no daily wages, and they were asked to go back home. With trains and buses not plying due to government’s safety norms, they were all stuck in Kovaipudur in the district of Coimbatore, State of Tamil Nadu. Most of them being from the North took to the streets to walk back to their hometowns which was an unreasonable idea and definitely not a walk without casualties. This was their pathetic desperate condition. At once Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust arranged for a sumptuous breakfast of idlis, sambar and chutney to be served to these hungry men and women. This service continued till the covid restrictions were eased.

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