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SaiSure Multi nutrient health mix launch at Amravati District, Maharashtra, 21st July 2022

On 21st July 2022, Morning Nutrition Program was launched at Kuralpurna school of Chandur bazar taluk in Amravati district. Preceding this launch in the state, was the launch of morning nutrition in Murtizapur in Akola district for 1050 children during April 2022 and in Akkalkot in Solapur district for 858 children during July 2022. SaiSure health mix has indeed started keeping its baby steps in the state of Maharashtra.


As part of the pilot launch, 170 children will be benefited in 3 Government schools of Belora village & 1 school in Kuralpurna village of Chandur bazar taluk. SaiSure with milk will be provided to children for all 6 days of the week. Mr. Omprakash alias Bacchu Babarao Kadu who is the former state minister of Education, was the chief guest during the launch along with other Government officials, teachers & children. Mr. Santhosh Agarwal, Vidarbha region in charge in Maharashtra represented Annapoorna Trust. With a keen interest in the progress of rural children, Mr. Bachhu Kadu has assured to provide milk from the Government end in the coming days.


Next in line in Amravati district is the Melghat tribal region where malnutrition in children is highly prevalent. Survey of schools & subsequent discussions are already in motion. Annapoorna Trust is keen to expand this initiative to 500 more children within the next 2 months. The Trust will continue to play a leading part by cooperating with local government bodies to reach the end goal of creating a nourished society!

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